As the sole proprietor of a new small business, I always have too much on my plate. With Reid’s understanding, expertise, and especially his knowledge of the cycling industry, he made the trademark application process simple and straightforward. I highly recommend Trademark Lab’s services!

-Jesse Fox, Seneca Cycle Works

I value integrity, transparency, collaboration and getting the most for my time and money. This went double for the time when I was launching my business and so many things were happening at once. It was great to have someone I knew and trusted to advocate for me handling my trademark registration. Whenever I called or emailed, Reid had the answers I needed, got his business done, everything was right, and it was affordable. At the outset, I did not know how valuable trademark registration could be. Now, I cannot recommend Reid’s services highly enough.

-Medical Services Business Developer

Our one-hundred-thirty-four year old nonprofit has been excited for the opportunities available to us through increased globalization and social media but also apprehensive given the complexity of legal issues around copyright infringement and fair use. Reid listened carefully and helped us transform a laundrylist of vague concerns into clearly defined issues. He then gave us clear, actionable answers in a way that demonstrated competence, professionalism, and genuine care and respect for us and our mission. He was a pleasure to work with. We couldn’t ask for a better process or product.

-Brad, Nonprofit educational and recreational center